Federal regulations recommend prescriptions be E-prescribed directly to your personal pharmacy.  Dr. Lopez will send these during your appointment. Refills should be requested directly through your pharmacist, who will contact our office electronically. This system is used to avoid medication errors.  If you have not been seen by Dr. Lopez in the past six months, please arrange a follow up visit, so that she may approve your refill.  Prescriptions will not be approved at night or on weekends.

We can fax your prescriptions to a mail order pharmacy to help lower the cost of your medication if you desire.  We also provide discount coupons for some medications that you may use at your pharmacy.  These are located near the check-out window.  Click on links to pharmaceutical companies that offer discounts on various medications.  We strive to improve our care and service to our patients, and this includes saving you money whenever possible.

With kind regards,

Cynthia L. Lopez, M.D. FAANEM