Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during a diagnostic neurological or neuromuscular consultation?

Your initial visit includes a detailed medical questionnaire, interview and physical examination.  Please bring records, MRI and CT reports, and current medications for analysis.  Dr. Lopez will review her findings with you and schedule laboratory, MRI, EMG and additional consultations as indicated.

Holistic medicine is encouraged including diet, physical therapy, massage, chiropractic medicine, acupuncture and exercise.  Medications are prescribed as indicated.  A full report will be faxed to your physician(s) after every visit and a follow up appointment arranged with Dr. Lopez before you leave.  She will discuss results with you during your follow up visit and our staff will call you about significant abnormalities.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Due to new federal regulations, you must bring a photo ID and your insurance card or worker’s compensation forms.  All co-pay and deductibles will be collected before your evaluation.  Plan to arrive 10 minutes early for your first visit to register and to complete a detailed medical questionnaire.  Please bring your current medications.  You may alternately fill out your demographic and medical information on our website.  Click “Health Forms”.

What if I need my prescription refilled before my next visit?

Refills should be requested through your pharmacist, who will contact our office electronically to avoid medication errors.  if you have not seen Dr. Lopez within the past six months, you need to arrange a follow up visit in order to have your refill approved.  Prescriptions will not be approved at night or on weekends.

What should I expect during an electromyography consultation (EMG)?

Some of our patients are sent for electromyography (EMG) testing only.  In this case, a full neurological consultation, treatment and recommendations are not performed.  This test is performed to measure your muscle and nerve function.  Click “What is EMG?”.  The findings will be reviewed with you and a full report faxed to your requesting physician who will make further recommendations for you.

What are your office hours?

We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm by appointment.  If unable to keep your appointment, please notify us 48 hours in advance.  If you miss two appointments, you will need to be referred again by your physician.

What services do you offer online?

You may request return appointments, receive medical messages, fill out medical forms, check your lab results and pay on your account through our secure website patient portal.

Do you have educational information?

We have extensive literature in our office and both videos and written literature on our website.  Click “Patient Education”

How will my medical privacy be protected?

We follow all HIPAA and Red Flag federal regulations.  A privacy notice will be available when you register.  Medical information may only be released with your written consent.


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